Wild Boar By Pietro Tacca 21

Wild Boar By Pietro Tacca 21
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Dimension: 22.0"W 14.0"D 21.0"H
Material: Fiber StoneA mixture of sand and stones cast into the surface to give the appearance of aged stone. Since it is reinforced with a fiberglass backing, it remains light-weight and less fragile than concrete.
Ship Method: UPS/FedEx
Finish Shown: Pompeii


A reproduction of the Pietro Tacca boar which is itself a reproduction of an ancient greek sculpture. A marble version resides in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, while a bronze casting is part of fountain in Marketo Nuovo in Florence as well. Il Porcellino's nose has become shiny over the years due to locals and visitors alike rubbing it for good luck.

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