Henry Urn Small 16 Henry Urn Small 16
Item FS7932
15.0"W 15.0"D 16.0"H
Henry Urn Lg 20 Henry Urn Lg 20
Item FS7761
17.0"W 17.0"D 20.0"H
Helm Vase Helm Vase
Item FS60272
6.5"W 15.0"D 6.5"H
Heirloom Urn 18 Heirloom Urn 18
Item FS8294
23.0"W 15.0"D 11.0"H
Handle Ribbed Urn 25 Handle Ribbed Urn 25
Item FS8117
11.0"W 0.0"D 25.0"H
Handle Entry Way Urn 30 Handle Entry Way Urn 30
Item FS34067
22.0"W 22.0"D 30.0"H
Hamlin Urn Hamlin Urn
Item FS60266
18.0"W 18.0"D 26.0"H
Hamlin Urn Hamlin Urn
Item F60266
18.0"W 18.0"D 26.0"H
Greenman Rectangle Urn 11 Greenman Rectangle Urn 11
Item FS0120
10.0"W 29.0"D 11.0"H
Greenman Florentinefw Pot 21 Greenman Florentinefw Pot 21
Item FS9550
21.0"W 21.0"D 21.0"H
Greek Relief Pot Greek Relief Pot
Item FS60265
12.0"W 12.0"D 11.0"H
Grecian Urn 19  Large Grecian Urn 19 Large
Item FS0153
17.0"W 17.0"D 19.0"H
Grecian Urn 14  Small Grecian Urn 14 Small
Item FS097
12.0"W 12.0"D 14.0"H
Grecian Pot 19  (Destefano) Grecian Pot 19 (Destefano)
Item FS7959
20.0"W 20.0"D 19.0"H
Grape Urn For Table 8 Grape Urn For Table 8
Item FS0150
10.0"W 14.0"D 8.0"H
Grape Urn 18"h Grape Urn 18"h
Item FS64460
0.0"W 0.0"D 18.0"H
Grape Round Urn 14 Grape Round Urn 14
Item FS102
14.0"W 14.0"D 14.0"H
Grape Pot 7 Grape Pot 7
Item FS072
6.0"W 6.0"D 7.0"H
Item FS60271
16.0"W 13.0"D 17.0"H
Grape Crushers Square Pot 15' Grape Crushers Square Pot 15'
Item FS046
16.0"W 16.0"D 15.0"H
Grand Avenue Pot 18 Grand Avenue Pot 18
Item FS092
19.0"W 19.0"D 18.0"H
Giardino Urn 24 H Giardino Urn 24 H
Item FS7870
17.0"W 17.0"D 24.0"H
Giant Pod Vase 26 Giant Pod Vase 26
Item FS7914
20.0"W 20.0"D 26.0"H
Giant French Anduze Giant French Anduze
Item FS60277
25.0"W 25.0"D 28.0"H
Gema Planter Small Gema Planter Small
Item FS60243
23.0"W 18.0"D 8.0"H
Gema Planter Large Gema Planter Large
Item FS60242
28.0"W 21.0"D 11.0"H
Garland Wreath Bowl Garland Wreath Bowl
Item FS70117
10.0"W 10.0"D 10.0"H
Garland and Ring Bowl Garland and Ring Bowl
Item FS65023
12.0"W 12.0"D 10.0"H
Gallo Urn 16 Gallo Urn 16
Item FS3357
26.0"W 26.0"D 16.0"H
Gallo Half Urn 16 Gallo Half Urn 16
Item FS3357HALF
14.0"W 26.0"D 16.0"H