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Giant French Anduze Giant French Anduze
Item FS60277
25.0"W 25.0"D 28.0"H
Gema Planter Small Gema Planter Small
Item FS60243
23.0"W 18.0"D 8.0"H
Gema Planter Large Gema Planter Large
Item FS60242
28.0"W 21.0"D 11.0"H
Garland Wreath Bowl Garland Wreath Bowl
Item FS70117
10.0"W 10.0"D 10.0"H
Garland and Ring Bowl Garland and Ring Bowl
Item FS65023
12.0"W 12.0"D 10.0"H
Gallo Urn 16 Gallo Urn 16
Item FS3357
26.0"W 26.0"D 16.0"H
Gallo Half Urn 16 Gallo Half Urn 16
Item FS3357HALF
14.0"W 26.0"D 16.0"H
Fruit Planter Medium 17 H (R) Fruit Planter Medium 17 H (R)
Item FS60095
22.0"W 22.0"D 17.0"H
French Olive Jar French Olive Jar
Item FS60307
18.0"W 18.0"D 20.5"H
French Anduze Urn Wide French Anduze Urn Wide
Item FS60292
30.0"W 30.0"D 21.0"H
French Anduze Planter Small French Anduze Planter Small
Item FS60244
16.0"W 16.0"D 18.0"H
French Anduze Planter SM French Anduze Planter SM
Item F60244
16.0"W 19.0"D 16.0"H
French Anduze Planter Medium French Anduze Planter Medium
Item FS60245
20.0"W 20.0"D 18.0"H
French Anduze Planter Med French Anduze Planter Med
Item F60245
20.0"W 19.0"D 20.0"H
French Anduze Planter Large French Anduze Planter Large
Item FS60246
20.0"W 20.0"D 30.0"H
Four Face Pot 21  H Four Face Pot 21 H
Item FS7763
18.0"W 18.0"D 21.0"H
Footed Planter Footed Planter
Item FS59999
11.5"W 8.0"D 14.5"H
Fluted Urn 20  H Fluted Urn 20 H
Item FS7784
16.0"W 16.0"D 20.0"H
Fluted And Beaded Urn 18"h Fluted And Beaded Urn 18"h
Item FS34095
14.0"W 13.0"D 18.0"H
Floor Ribbed Urn (Five Foot) Floor Ribbed Urn (Five Foot)
Item FS8051
25.0"W 25.0"D 60.0"H
Fleur De Lis Pot Rect 30 W Fleur De Lis Pot Rect 30 W
Item FS0155
30.0"W 14.0"D 10.0"H
Flat Spiral Urn 35 Flat Spiral Urn 35
Item FS7935
22.0"W 12.0"D 35.0"H
Fish Bowl Tall 30 H Fish Bowl Tall 30 H
Item FS7897
19.0"W 19.0"D 30.0"H
Fiori Planter Fiori Planter
Item FS7855
21.0"W 9.0"D 10.0"H
Finial of San Marino with Lid 32 Finial of San Marino with Lid 32
Item FS34052
12.0"W 12.0"D 32.0"H
Farm Basket 19 Farm Basket 19
Item FS9652
20.0"W 0.0"D 19.0"H
Fantasy Horse Planter 23 Fantasy Horse Planter 23
Item FS3349
11.0"W 29.0"D 23.0"H
Fancy Fluted Urn 20 Fancy Fluted Urn 20
Item FS095
21.0"W 21.0"D 20.0"H
Fairfield planter box Fairfield planter box
Item FS60308
34.0"W 9.0"D 9.0"H
Fabio Vase Small 19 Fabio Vase Small 19
Item FS60207-19
15.0"W 0.0"D 19.0"H