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Draped Planter 15 Draped Planter 15
Item FS7922
16.0"W 16.0"D 15.0"H
Angry Men Planter 15 Angry Men Planter 15
Item FS7815
18.0"W 18.0"D 15.0"H
Oak Bark Planter Large Oak Bark Planter Large
Item FS60400
15.75"W 15.75"D 15.0"H
Wide Greenman Planter Wide Greenman Planter
Item FS60300
20.0"W 20.0"D 15.5"H
Dani Modern Square 16 Dani Modern Square 16
Item FS959514
15.0"W 20.0"D 16.0"H
Capri Cherubs Bowl Capri Cherubs Bowl
Item FS8577
8.0"W 8.0"D 16.0"H
Gallo Half Urn 16 Gallo Half Urn 16
Item FS3357HALF
14.0"W 26.0"D 16.0"H
Rough Leaf Urn  16 Rough Leaf Urn 16
Item FS0110
16.0"W 16.0"D 16.0"H
French Anduze Planter SM French Anduze Planter SM
Item F60244
16.0"W 19.0"D 16.0"H
Egg Jar 16 Egg Jar 16
Item FS7925
20.0"W 20.0"D 16.0"H
Swan Planter 16 Swan Planter 16
Item FS7031
22.0"W 11.0"D 16.0"H
Boboli Garden Medium 16 Boboli Garden Medium 16
Item FS69602
18.0"W 18.0"D 16.0"H
Belgian Ornamental Urn 16 Belgian Ornamental Urn 16
Item FS6788
14.0"W 10.0"D 16.0"H
Gallo Urn 16 Gallo Urn 16
Item FS3357
26.0"W 26.0"D 16.0"H
Urn Of Century 16 Urn Of Century 16
Item FS34056
8.0"W 11.0"D 16.0"H
High Neck Urn 16 High Neck Urn 16
Item FS34009
11.0"W 11.0"D 16.0"H
Organic Pot 16 Organic Pot 16
Item FS8203
9.0"W 9.0"D 16.0"H
Horn Planter 16 Horn Planter 16
Item FS8127
20.0"W 0.0"D 16.0"H
Henry Urn Small 16 Henry Urn Small 16
Item FS7932
15.0"W 15.0"D 16.0"H
Urban Pot 1# Wide Urban Pot 1# Wide
Item FS7911
20.0"W 20.0"D 16.0"H
Relm Sphere Urn 16in Relm Sphere Urn 16in
Item FS60252-16
0.0"W 0.0"D 16.0"H
Three Graces Urn 16 Three Graces Urn 16
Item FS29459
8.0"W 8.0"D 16.0"H
Capri Cherubs Bowl Capri Cherubs Bowl
Item F8577
8.0"W 8.0"D 16.0"H
Relm Sphere 18in Relm Sphere 18in
Item FS60252-18
18.0"W 18.0"D 17.0"H
Deco Point Sconce 17 Deco Point Sconce 17
Item FS9001A
16.0"W 7.0"D 17.0"H
Clam Shell Vase  17 Clam Shell Vase 17
Item FS8415
16.0"W 16.0"D 17.0"H
Acanthus Planter 17 Acanthus Planter 17
Item FS8280
18.0"W 18.0"D 17.0"H
Camillo Bowl 17 Camillo Bowl 17
Item FS8269
33.0"W 18.0"D 17.0"H
Perfume Vase Square 17 Perfume Vase Square 17
Item FS7964-17
15.0"W 15.0"D 17.0"H
Apollo Head Planter 17 Apollo Head Planter 17
Item FS7381
11.0"W 11.0"D 17.0"H