Cross of County Cork Cross of County Cork
Item FS8713
7.0"W 3.0"D 15.0"H
Cowboy Boot Small 9"H Cowboy Boot Small 9"H
Item FS8878
4.0"W 9.0"D 9.0"H
Cornucopia Urn 13" Cornucopia Urn 13"
Item FS00146
6.0"W 12.0"D 13.0"H
Clam Shell Vase  17 Clam Shell Vase 17
Item FS8415
16.0"W 16.0"D 17.0"H
Chinese Goddess Bust Planter Chinese Goddess Bust Planter
Item FS7699
22.0"W 14.0"D 25.0"H
Central Park Pigeon 10 Central Park Pigeon 10
Item FS8164
7.0"W 6.0"D 10.0"H
Celtic Cross-Tabletop 16 Celtic Cross-Tabletop 16
Item FS6667
9.0"W 3.0"D 16.0"H
Celtic Cross-Tabletop 16 Celtic Cross-Tabletop 16
Item FS6667WHM
9.0"W 3.0"D 16.0"H
Carved Fruit 14 Carved Fruit 14
Item FS3358
12.0"W 12.0"D 14.0"H
Caribbean Conch Caribbean Conch
Item FS8665
10.59"W 8.0"D 6.59"H
Buddha Head 11 Buddha Head 11
Item FS8327
6.0"W 4.0"D 11.0"H
Buddha Hand 13 Buddha Hand 13
Item FS8189
7.0"W 4.0"D 13.0"H
Bombay Face 30 Bombay Face 30
Item FS8188
18.0"W 5.0"D 30.0"H
Big Mouth Griffin 15 Big Mouth Griffin 15
Item FS9107
14.0"W 8.0"D 15.0"H
Beach Shell 16 Beach Shell 16
Item FS8429
16.0"W 10.0"D 8.0"H
Baroque Candleholder-Short13 Baroque Candleholder-Short13
Item FS6853
8.0"W 8.0"D 13.0"H
Ball Finial Britannia 18: Ball Finial Britannia 18:
Item FS8425
9.0"W 9.0"D 18.0"H
Astaire Candleholder 22 Astaire Candleholder 22
Item FS3857
8.0"W 8.0"D 22.0"H
Asian Head 21  H Asian Head 21 H
Item FSDS182
10.0"W 10.0"D 21.0"H
Arabian Horse 27 Arabian Horse 27
Item FS930
8.0"W 22.0"D 27.0"H
Apple 12 H Apple 12 H
Item FS8411
11.0"W 11.0"D 12.0"H
Apollo Bust Small     14 H Apollo Bust Small 14 H
Item FS151A
9.0"W 6.0"D 14.0"H
Alexander The Great Head 12 Alexander The Great Head 12
Item FS061
9.0"W 7.0"D 12.0"H
Acorn Squash 5 H Acorn Squash 5 H
Item FS8414
5.0"W 6.0"D 5.0"H
Acorn Squash 4 H Acorn Squash 4 H
Item FS8413
4.0"W 5.0"D 4.0"H
Acorn Planter Acorn Planter
Item FS8661
9.17"W 8.7"D 12.47"H
Acorn Planter Acorn Planter
Item F8661
9.17"W 8.7"D 12.47"H