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Nori Shell 10.5 Nori Shell 10.5
Item FS8101
11.0"W 11.0"D 11.0"H
Garland and Ring Bowl Garland and Ring Bowl
Item FS65023
12.0"W 12.0"D 10.0"H
Organic Pot 16 Organic Pot 16
Item FS8203
9.0"W 9.0"D 16.0"H
Sweet Looks Pot Sweet Looks Pot
Item FS60299
10.5"W 10.5"D 6.25"H
Triton Planter Small Triton Planter Small
Item FS60248
10.0"W 7.0"D 10.0"H
Rect. Putti Patio Plntr 8 Rect. Putti Patio Plntr 8
Item FS1219
15.0"W 7.0"D 8.0"H
Swirly Pot Swirly Pot
Item FS60251
13.0"W 13.0"D 13.0"H
Lamb Planter Lamb Planter
Item FS8711
15.0"W 8.0"D 11.0"H
Bunny Pot Scratching Bunny Pot Scratching
Item FS8710
13.0"W 8.0"D 13.0"H
Oggi Oil Jar 14 Oggi Oil Jar 14
Item FS8604
12.0"W 12.0"D 14.0"H
Rough Hewn Bowl #3 15H Rough Hewn Bowl #3 15H
Item FS8206
11.0"W 11.0"D 15.0"H
Clam Shell Planter 9 H Clam Shell Planter 9 H
Item FS7618
17.0"W 10.0"D 9.0"H
Ram Pot With Lid 9 Ram Pot With Lid 9
Item FS808
7.0"W 7.0"D 9.0"H
Amadeo 13 Amadeo 13
Item FS8209
13.0"W 9.0"D 13.0"H
Camillo Bowl 7 Camillo Bowl 7
Item FS8268
17.0"W 9.0"D 7.0"H
Diner Coffee Cup Planter Diner Coffee Cup Planter
Item FS60403
11.0"W 8.25"D 9.5"H
Bird Planter Right Large Bird Planter Right Large
Item FS60316
0.0"W 0.0"D 10.0"H
Pig Pot 9 Pig Pot 9
Item FS1118
6.0"W 15.0"D 9.0"H
Rough Hewn Bowl #2 11 H Rough Hewn Bowl #2 11 H
Item FS8205
16.0"W 16.0"D 11.0"H
Rectangular Simple Pot Rectangular Simple Pot
Item FS7771
12.0"W 17.0"D 8.0"H
Cornucopia Urn 13" Cornucopia Urn 13"
Item FS00146
6.0"W 12.0"D 13.0"H
Garland Wreath Bowl Garland Wreath Bowl
Item FS70117
10.0"W 10.0"D 10.0"H
Amadeo 7 Amadeo 7
Item FS8210
10.0"W 11.0"D 7.0"H
Nautilus Medium 12 Nautilus Medium 12
Item FS7538
10.0"W 10.0"D 12.0"H
Helm Vase Helm Vase
Item FS60272
6.5"W 15.0"D 6.5"H
Williams Pot 10 Williams Pot 10
Item FS8747-10
10.0"W 10.0"D 10.0"H
Caribbean Conch Caribbean Conch
Item FS8665
10.59"W 8.0"D 6.59"H
Blossom Planter 10 Inch Blossom Planter 10 Inch
Item FS8746-10
12.0"W 12.0"D 10.0"H
Ring Pot Ring Pot
Item FS8745-9
13.0"W 13.0"D 9.0"H
Bird Planter Right Bird Planter Right
Item FS8729
11.0"W 8.0"D 7.0"H