Lincoln's Left Hand Lincoln's Left Hand
Item DC418B
5.0"W 7.0"D 3.0"H
Lincoln's Right Hand Lincoln's Right Hand
Item DC418A
5.0"W 6.0"D 3.0"H
Fist Fist
Item DC569
5.0"W 8.0"D 4.0"H
Prayers Of A Saint's Hands Prayers Of A Saint's Hands
Item 777
7.0"W 7.0"D 5.0"H
Child's Hand Child's Hand
Item F7043
4.0"W 3.0"D 6.0"H
Woman's Left Hand Woman's Left Hand
Item DC517
4.0"W 3.0"D 6.0"H
Blocked Fist Blocked Fist
Item DC455
8.0"W 11.0"D 6.0"H
Hand With Stone Hand With Stone
Item DC516
5.0"W 4.0"D 10.0"H
Left Hand with Cloth Left Hand with Cloth
Item DC514
7.0"W 5.0"D 10.0"H
Left Foot Left Foot
Item DC472
10.0"W 4.0"D 10.0"H
Male Right Hand 11 W Male Right Hand 11 W
Item DC511
6.0"W 4.0"D 11.0"H
Male Left Hand 11  L Male Left Hand 11 L
Item DC510
5.0"W 5.0"D 11.0"H
Graceful Hand Graceful Hand
Item DC445
8.0"W 5.0"D 11.0"H
Loving Hands Loving Hands
Item F788
12.0"W 10.0"D 12.0"H
Large Right Hand 12 W Large Right Hand 12 W
Item DC513
6.0"W 4.0"D 12.0"H
Colossal Hand Right 12 Colossal Hand Right 12
Item DC273
4.0"W 9.0"D 12.0"H
Buddha Hand 13 Buddha Hand 13
Item F8189
7.0"W 4.0"D 13.0"H
Toshi Right Toshi Right
Item F7920
9.0"W 11.0"D 13.0"H
Relayed Hand Relayed Hand
Item DC570
8.0"W 5.0"D 13.0"H
Left Hand with Scroll Left Hand with Scroll
Item DC515
11.0"W 6.0"D 13.0"H
Hand With Rod Hand With Rod
Item DC568
6.0"W 11.0"D 14.0"H
Hand On Cylinder Hand On Cylinder
Item DC474
5.0"W 12.0"D 14.0"H
Right Hand Large Right Hand Large
Item DC512
11.0"W 5.0"D 15.0"H